Celebrating CHD week by Living

We are almost through heart month and we finished CHD Awareness Week.  Our family participated in all the traditional ways to bring awareness to the #1 birth defect.  I changed my profile picture to one of my son with a #CHDAware filter. We wore hearts and red all week. And we helped with a fundraiser and raised over $500 for the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association.

But this year I noticed something I hadn’t before.  We were very busy during CHD week.  But not just with awareness activities.  We were busy with life.  My little man is in first grade, so we had school and homework every day. We have church on Sunday and Wednesday. He is also playing basketball so we had practice one night and a game another day.  And of course we had school valentines parties to prepare for.

Also in  the midst of all the business I had a meeting with little man’s teachers to discuss how he was doing and an appointment with the developmental pediatrician.  Meetings to discuss IEP progress and doctors appointments are a part of our life.  And CHD Awareness is a part of our life because it’s important to us.  But overall, my little man is just living. He’s living a vibrant, fun, active life; that is something to celebrate!